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Rock Monsters!


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Shooter_Macgavin #1 Posted 29 January 2017 - 02:30 PM


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Nothing on the silly coids yet? They are so awesome. They colonise everything they see. Lesser creatures have to worry about biomes, size, gravity and something soft and fleshy to put in their ugly, humanoid mouths. Nothing like a good hard rock I say! YUM! The only question a Silicoid asks himself when he comes across a large rock in space is: Can I eat it? If not, because it's too big, then colonise it! Then start eating it. Slowly of course. And start producing stuff. We don't need to farm! We don't need to build gravity generators. We can build as quickly as we can and don't need to worry about pollution contaminating our crops, because rocks are our crops! They can't be contaminated! Life is sweet and never gets rocky when you are a Rock Monster.

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