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Frozen in time

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unifex #1 Posted 24 November 2016 - 03:32 AM


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Just wondering if anyone is playing this game as the forums seem pretty quiet. I have been playing around with it for a week or so. Although I have played turn based strats for over 20 years I am just an average skilled player, but even I find the AI way too easy to beat unless I contrive things to make them more challenging


Anyway just for fun I decided to play a 1x1 on max difficulty and largest map and have a land grab race with Sakkra. Things eventually came to a head after every single planet was settled and all asteriod belts and gas ginats converted etc. Just for fun I decided to have one huge mega battle, it wasnt huge numbers but I had around 300 ships (about 160 Titans and 160 approx Battleships and the AI had around 1600 but including stacks of low end destroyers cruisers and frigates). First I did the auto battle just to set a benchmark, and then tried running the battle manually just to see how I went. Anyway the game runs very slowly with 2 min load times up to the cinematic before freezing after the splash screen showing the AI fleet. I tried again with all settings cranked down to lowest, but no luck. Its not really a big deal tbh so wont bother with posting system specs etc (but just to clarify I do have a pretty beefy system that runs most new release games in max res with decent frame rates) , but just curious if anyone else has similar probs.




PS: Why is the AI so dumb? In the automated version of my mega battle I decimated their fleet and didnt lose a single ship .. not one single ship ... thats just stupid really ... I cant understand why the AI wastes resources pumping out low end ships even during end game .. and if it follows its own suggested blueprints recommendations no wonder their ships are so weak

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Shooter_Macgavin #2 Posted 29 January 2017 - 02:01 PM


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I'm playing it. Sure others are as well. I play on Extreme to give the AI a chance, but they haven't beaten me yet. Unfortunately the AI is not very intelligent, one thing that gets me is that they build pollution-control buildings on every colony even when they do not need them, wasting alot of BC. Just one example. Also they follow a ship build system set out for them by the devs... their missiles don't even use MIRV, which is very OP atm. It would be nice to have smarter AI that forces us to play on normal rather than extreme.

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