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Mrrshan: an Epic "Tail"

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Mrrshan are elegant, rebellious, and independent creatures. They are proud and honorable, but also secretive and ruthless. Mrrshans have a relatively short natural lifespan in the galaxy (only longer than that of the Sakkra). 




They value freedom from religious, creative, political, and personal oppression. While they are a feudal government, nothing about their laws or policies is oppressive. If people want to try their hand at new skills, they are encouraged. They believe in living as they please, loving whoever they want, and above all being fearless in battle.




Mrrshan do not believe in many of the minor laws and infractions that other societies may come across. However, they do cruelly punish major offenders with the death penalty. Their proud nature does not allow for reprehensible criminals to exist. In cities, Prides are the law bringers and peace-makers. If a Pride cannot control a situation or a judgment must be made, they will bring the offender to the Empress of the city. An Empress’ word is final, unless an Empress interjects. 


True Names


Mrrshan believe strongly in the power of a name and are given two names at birth. One name is used in public, but another secret name is considered the Mrrshan’s “true” name. Knowing the true name of Mrrshan is meant to indicate an exceptionally close bond (usually only parents, children, and spouses know the Mrrshan’s true name). Knowing the true name of the Mrrshan will allow a manipulative power over the individual. To let anyone know your True Name without your permission or blessing is a major cause for shame and dishonor. 





Mrrshan are encouraged to learn new skills. They believe that education is a path to personal freedom and fulfillment. If you don’t enjoy the work that you do – the right education can change your day to day life. However, many Mrrshan learn various trades from their family, such as weaving, and choose to continue that craft. There is pride in a good day’s work for Mrrshan. 




Mrrshan will often bare their teeth when angry or threatened, hiss when gravely offended, or arch their backs when they feel threatened. Many Mrrshan train to hide these natural instincts, but they are all still present in some form. The Mrrshan language itself sounds like a beautiful purring when at ease, but becomes mixed with growls and yelps when upset. 


Gender Roles


Women exclusively hold leadership roles, especially in the military, but men are considered equals in society. Men and women work together in the household and in non-military roles. Women are considered better strategists and overall thinkers, while males often take on specialized study. Medical, emergency care and scientific research are almost exclusively male career paths. 


Family Structure


Women give birth in litters, typically of three to five children. Women will only typically have two or three litters in their lifetime. Once the children are born, they are raised by the extended family within the home. Males and females are equal in the home, but families are matrilineal. The family name and authority are carried down from the eldest female in the home. Elite families will tend to live with each other in large, multi-generational homes. Extended family may even live in the same home and certainly in the same city. Lower class Mrrshan still live in relatively spacious homes with extended family, though often not to the extent of the wealthier class. 




Fieras is a flowering, sunny planet with lush landscapes and large, still-seeming seas. 



Fieras is a sunny planet, with dense jungles and racing ravines. The cities are usually located in the spacious plains, covered in tall amber grasses and spiraling trees. The jungles are dark and densely populated with all manner of threats. Thick roots break ground and twist into menacing shapes, allowing monsters to be hidden in a cloak of vines. Fieras has the largest amount of unique flowering plants in the galaxy – the planet is often represented as covered in blooms. The Mrrshan, while the most intelligent of life on Fieras, are not alone on their planet. There are many gazelle-like creatures which wander the plains and large birds that make complex nests of the many vines. However, the primary domestic threat to the Mrrshan come from the Saash, massive dog-like creatures which dwell in the jungle. The seas of Fieras are interesting because while they appear to be completely still, they are actually dominated by deep, powerful currents. Mrrshan dislike and distrust water because the waters of Fieras are so deadly, yet appear beautiful and serene. 


Major Cities

Jasana, the capital city of Fieras, was named after the Empress which oversaw the construction of the Royal Palace. Her family had amassed great wealth through somewhat dubious means, which she used to construct the Palace. Jasana is where many of the Countesses of Prides will keep a second home (to be close to the Empress), so the houses of this area are extravagant and covered in beautiful runes. Jasana is a sacred area to the Mrrshan and aliens are rarely permitted inside the city. Marsala is located in a desert on the large, southern island of Shashi. Surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Resting Sea, Marsala is dominated by large pyramid structures. The pyramids, which were built very early in the Mrrshan’s history, are a source of cultural pride. Marsala is where many of the Mrrshan weapons research labs are located – it is low in population density and far from any prying eyes or potential spies. Nirupama is surrounded by dense jungle, but is located just above the mines where the Mrrshan mine the ore which becomes materials for their advanced weapons factories. These factories are often close to Nirupama, or at the very least they keep a strong presence in the city. Vikas, the major intergalactic trade hub on Fieras, is located on the eastern side of the same continent as Jasana. Vikas is a beautiful old city which is constantly simmering with the scents of exotic food, spices, and minerals. Traders of all races and languages peddle their wares along the cobblestoned streets. However, for all of its beauty, Vikas is a dangerous city with incredibly high crime rates and Pirates taking advantage of clueless buyers. 



Important Institutions


Torfang Reliquary – Jasana, Fieras

Torfang Reliquary was built after the fallout of an Alkari-Mrrshan skirmish (see Rise of the Dominant Party). The Reliquary is a large, open air pyramid which has a large statue of Torfang Vrr near the entrance. It is one of the primary places where runes are designed – the majority of high-quality runes are crafted by the Divines.

Nirupama Armaments – Nirupama, Fieras

While Nirupama is the location of the mines which provides the majority of domestic ores, Nirupama Armaments is the only weapons manufacturer located in the city. Nirupama Armaments are constantly viewed as pioneers in weaponry, not just on Fieras, but in the universe. Their products have won many hard-fought wars and are considered the finest in the universe – catching a high price and making a target of many spies and raids.

Andhera Forest – outside of Jasana, Fieras

The Andhera Forest is a long rooted source of fear for the Mrrshan. The Saash often attack from outside of Andhera, where the bands of wild dogs murder and ravage Mrrshan communities until the entire band is killed. Many warriors train in this forest and only the strongest survive. The Andhera is also where many older Mrrshan go to die – it is considered the highest honor to die in battle.

Shashi Island – Resting Sea

Shashi Island is a place of ancient Mrrshan pride. The old city of Marsala is surrounded by the pyramids built by the early Mrrshan. Shashi Island was considered the Island of the Dead in ancient times. The pyramids are burial sites for the most prominent Empresses in Mrrshan history. The Mrrshan would travel to Shashi Island on wooden boats, braving the deceptively deadly seas to bring their honored dead.

Tarika Market – Vikas, Fieras

The main marketplace in Vikas, Tarika Market is located in the very heart of the city. Tarika Market appears on the surface to be a perfectly legitimate and legal market, but in the winding alleys and vast sewers there is a booming illegal market.



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